Saving money online is painless and easy. The PromoCodeTree team has put together a guide to help consumers successfully save more money online. We hope one of these tips will help you to save on your order:

Pay Attention to Social Media Announcements:

Follow your favorite retailers through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get the most up to date coupon codes and promos. Many of the best coupon codes only last for 24 hours or have a limited number of uses.

Stackable Coupons:

Many merchants allow users to use stackable coupons; which means shoppers have the opportunity to use a variety of codes on one purchase to maximize savings. For example, Kohls will allow shoppers to combine a 20% off code and a free shipping code to give users the most savings.

Newsletter Savings:

One of the easiest ways to save an extra 10-20% off your order is to sign up for a stores newsletter. Before checking out, sign up for the stores’ newsletter, sit back and wait for the free promo code to enter your inbox. Grab the code and finish your order. Use multiple email accounts to maximize this strategy.

Patient Shopping Cart:

By leaving your orders in your shopping cart, retailers will become aggressive to have you complete your purchase. Look for stores to send you more promo codes for you to complete your purchase the next day.

Price Comparison Checks:

Do multiple checks online to get the best price by using tools such as Pricegrabber, Honey, or GoGuru to compare pricing on items before checking out.

Seasonal Big Sales:

Check Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, for the biggest one day sales from your favorite merchants. Many merchants will mark down savings 30-40% for one of the biggest one day sales events of the year and many will offer free shipping. Cyber Monday; the morning after Thanksgiving is also a big day to score extra savings.

Free Shipping Savings:

The easiest way to save any extra few dollars online is to avoid shipping costs. Watch for merchants to either put out free shipping codes or pay attention to minimum spend free shipping sales. Check for more free shipping codes.


Buy one, get one free. Many big retailers offer this special and savvy consumers can easily save any extra 50% on their favorite items by watching for these BOGO sales.

Avoid Tuesday Shopping:

From Flights to buying a new pair of shoes online, Tuesday has been proven is be the most expensive day of the week to shop of the week. When you're at work Tuesday morning stay patient for completing your purchase till later in the week. Saturday is a better day to score savings.

Reach Out to Customer Service:

Before completing your purchase, reach out to customer service for a last minute coupon code at checkout. By bargaining with customer service shoppers can take advantage of extra savings. Look for the chat box to pop up and ask the customer service for a promo code.

Clearance Sections:

Shop the clearance section on the merchant’s website for extra savings. These sections update often and smart shoppers can save an extra 10-40% on their favorite items by checking these pages first before completing their orders.

Outsmart Dynamic Pricing:

Clear your browser history and log out of your social media accounts to update pricing not targeted towards you. Choose less developed countries to base your location from to score the biggest savings.

Request Price Drop Refunds:

Did you purchase your item and the next week the price went down? If this is you, more than likely you’re able to reach back out to the merchant and ask for a refund on the price difference.

The PromoCodeTree team hopes you’ve learned something from these tips. Please drop us a message if you have any questions or ideas on how you’ve saved money online. Thank you for stop by.